Simplified XK124-T-Bar version of JustMacros

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Simplified XK124-T-Bar version of JustMacros

So PI Engineering have approached me about making it easier for users to buy the ready made layout version of the XK124 T-Bar and use it with JustMacros.

So at the moment, you need to find the latest patch, change the ID of the Panel, install a profile, understand the environment to re-map buttons, etc.. etc.. And we want to make it super simple. So if users with the panel shown above download the version from the following link:

It will do all of that for you, and provides a GUI for re-mapping the buttons, you can access this GUI from a webpage called PIEngXKE124TBar.

Because the panels are fairly simple and not really modifiable, there is very little that needs to be reconfigured, just what sources the 10 Program / Preview buttons need to map to. Therefore the webpage GUI is equally simple, it just displays a list of the Source Button mappings, by default it'll be Inputs 1 to 6 Black Bars and the two Media Players, but if you have different button labels or your cameras are plugged into inputs other than 1-6, you can recall the webpage and easily re-map the keys.

Advanced JM Users

This is a phase 1 step, I'm shortly going to send a version to PI Engineering that doesn't include the normal JustMacros interface, and also doesn't have the "BUY ME NOW NAG SCREEN" as although the JM core processing will exist, this cut-down version isn't intended for users who want to write their own scripts.

As I have mentioned on a couple of other threads discussing PI's latest (and greatest) panel offering, there are several other phases to this sub-project. Phase 2 is adding the UDP support, so that this version can be used with or without the SDK. Then I'll port this sub version to other OSs, priority being the Raspberry PI for a super low cost simple end to end solution.

Experienced users might note that in order to do this I have had to add new commands to the system to allow scripts to create and manage XKeys profiles rather than having to do it manually through the JM GUI. Also being able to set an XKeys Panel ID  these commands are not hidden, and are available to any users who need to directly control their profiles, although there are currently limitations, it can work nicely. I'll cover this in separate topics over the next few days.